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Organic Soul

Music is the purest form of expression. It is an art form that feeds the heart and soul. Through music we can find a connection within ourselves, with our loved ones, and even with complete strangers. At Love Approved, we believe in infinite expression and Love, which is why we keep music at the fore front of our community. Whether you’re an artist letting people into your thoughts and emotions through your craft, or a listener taking it all in; we can all agree that music is love.


What We’re Listening To:

At Love Approved we appreciate music immensely. We enjoy spending hours digging through music platforms for sounds from around the world.


Here's some of the music we’re listening to.




LOVE RECORDS by Love Approved




Ghost. by Damon Sherengo




.daisies by Maika Angeleo





Playlist #57  by Chris Mathews




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